Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where to go: Yellowstone or northern Wisconsin

This is my latest quandary: I will have an ample amount of free time in June and July and so am stuck trying to decide how to spend it. My two choices at the top of my list are heading towards Yellowstone for a week or two to chase big trout, or drive the 5 hours up to Hayward, WI to chase big musky and smallmouth. Now, a little background on me... I'm a self-employed 25 year old, full time student, and self-proclaimed fly bum. Not that trout bum crap, I like other chasing other species on the fly just as much or more than trout. By no means am I well-off, but I live comfortably. I also need to live within my means. So, if I head out to Yellowstone which will cost me roughly 450 in gas will probably nix my ability to hire a guide. Since I've never fished the area I would much prefer that over just seeing what I find. If I head up to chase big musky and smallies, I'll have the ching to hire a guide. Tough choices, right?

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